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It is a problem which comes to all of us at some time when something invades our space and we really don't want it there. This is the definition of a pest "Anything which invades mans environment to the detriment of that environment", in other words if you look at a beautiful Arabian stallion in it's field it would be magnificant, but if the same stallion was in your front room the story would be a bit different. So not only does pest control take care of pests, it also brings peace of mind, whether it is to the person who is mortally terrified of certain fauna, to the manager of a large factory producing anything from paper clips to Mrs Tumbleover's falling down cake.

PiedPiper Northern Ltd is a modern pest control company based in Cumbria. We do not treat our customers as just a number. We maintain contact with the customer at all times and we don't keep calling round to sell additions to your contract, if you need anything else you will tell us. We are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week...after all pests don't have holidays do they? Please use the navigation bar to see the services we provide.

Clicking the PiedPiper button above will take you to our pages which deal directly with all the biology, law, treatment, identification and anything else you would like to mention about pests.