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Rats, mice, cockroaches, fleas, bugs, flies, ants, wasps. This site is maintained by PiedPiper Northern Limited and is mainly concerned with aspects of pest control which the ordinary person at home can cope with, although there is a lot of information for pest controllers as well. Many people of all different types have problems, be they the ordinary householder to the manager of a business which deals with food products. No matter who they are, the fears and repercussions are very real to each individual. Please browse the site to find any information which you may need, if you need to email me please do - info(@)ppnl.co.uk. If you are a person in industry, then click the link below which will take you to PiedPiper Northern Limited from where we can enter into a dialogue, or if needs be arrange a visit to inspect your site, and to give a full report including hazard analysis. Hope you find the information that you need! **Don't forget to remove the brackets ( ) from the @ sign.

After 20 years in pest control PiedPiper Northern provides a premium service in the true sense of the word, but, at the same time we keep the price respectable. We don't just sell contracts and then go on our way rejoicing, we maintain contact as people used to do in the old days, in fact we are a modern company with old fashioned ideals. We feel that contact and communication is imperative to any relationship, which is why we carry out social calls as well as the normal routine visits to carry out inspections and control any problems...click on the button below to see what is on offer.

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